Lines of Violation

An installation on the theme of sex slavery.


During the second world war over 250 thousand women and girls were used as sex slaves for the Japanese army. None of these so called “comfort women” have ever received repatriation or an official apology from the Japanese government.

Human rights activist Jonathan Sisson and myself travelled to Taiwan, Philippines, Holland and Korea to meet some of the survivors. I made line drawings on tracing paper through touching their open hands. The drawings were then sealed inside Plexiglas frames and are the basis of the installation. One can hear the whispering voices of these women telling their stories as one walks between the open walls of the installation.

This work addresses a theme that still goes on today in other forms.

The installation is at present on a world tour.


Lines of Violation 1

Lines of Violation 2

Lines of Violation 3

Lines of Violation 4



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