Solo Exhibitions 2000 - 2006


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"That Was The River, Part 1" - Lutz Thalmann Gallery, Zurich.


"That Was The River, Part 2" - Lutz Thalmann Gallery, Zurich.


"Seven Complete Oceans" - Lutz Thalmann Gallery, Zurich.


"Nine Views of a Rock" (Selection) - Schoenthal Sculpture Park, Basel.


"Five Areas of Sea" - Studio 1, Zurich.


"Summer Exhibition" 2005 (Selection) - Schoenthal Sculpture Park, Basel.


Installation "Lines of Violation" - The Hague, Cape Town S.A., Manila, Taiwan, Washington.


"Bardic Voyage Project" - Scotland.


"Tamangur" - St Moritz, Switzerland, February 2011.


"White Cloud Blue Mountain" - Zurich, Switzerland, March 2011.


"Between the Forest and the Trees" - Andres Thalmann Gallery, Zurich Switzerland. November 2014


Recent Works 2015



İAWard 2015


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